Professional Business Networking in Carlisle

A friendly networking group that grows businesses and smiles.

Business Networking Group in Carlisle

Join us every week for the chance to showcase your business and connect with local business professionals in Carlisle, Cumbria.

We are a friendly, supportive and effective networking group for like-minded business professionals that’s built on trust, support, and smiles!

The purpose of our local networking group is not only to provide the space to build connections but also the space to laugh, smile and find support when you need it.

Wanado Networking organises regular group meetings that enable all types of businesses to open doors to new opportunities through referrals, recommendations, reviews, and of course, support. We encourage a positive mindset by incorporating engaging discussions, interesting guest speakers, and a range of activities and social events to continue developing long-lasting relationships with one another.



We make sure that everyone is respected and valued so they are comfortable to talk about their goals, passions and successes as well as their failures, worries, and concerns without the fear of judgement from others.



Our meetings allow members to meet new faces and have open discussions to learn from each other’s perspectives while receiving the support and advice they need to tackle challenges and grow their businesses.



We promote a relaxed environment and happy atmosphere with zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviour to encourage stronger relationships, better referrals, and more opportunities for each other. 

Wanado Networking in Carlisle

Interested in joining like-minded business professionals in Carlisle?

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