BUSINESS Networking in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Wanado Networking for businesses across Cumbria.

A fun and friendly networking group for business professionals in Cumbria.

A supportive space for businesses to learn and grow.

We are a friendly, supportive and effective networking group for like-minded business professionals that’s built on trust, support, and smiles!

The purpose of our local networking group is not only to provide the space to build connections but also the space to laugh, smile, and find support when you need it.

Wanado Networking organises regular group meetings that enable all types of businesses to open doors to new opportunities through referrals, recommendations, reviews, and of course, support. We encourage a positive mindset by incorporating engaging discussions, interesting guest speakers, and a range of activities and social events to continue developing long-lasting relationships with one another.

“Networking is more than just selling your products or services — it’s about nurturing real relationships and building a support network of people you can trust.”

A fun, friendly and happy environment.

Our networking meetings provide a safe, friendly and happy environment where individuals can talk about their businesses and share their successes, failures, thoughts and ideas. They offer the opportunity for members to ask for help and receive support through discussing their own experiences with work and life.

The focus of every meeting is on networking and building relationships between members – we don’t like hard sell and there’s no agenda for anyone to pitch you something. At our meetings, everyone has the same goal of making new connections and learning from the perspectives of others, while building trust with one another to encourage referrals and recommendations to be passed between members.

These meetings are designed to be fun and informal, but professional where they need to be. While weekly get-togethers give the chance to chat and socialise with one another (an essential element for many individuals), the format of our meetings ensures that new business opportunities continue to grow and develop for members – whether that’s through connecting with new people, generating new leads, or building brand awareness, for example.

Our Foundations

The foundations are one of the most important elements of any group and ours are built on…

We believe in building trust among our members because we know that’s the only way to create a truly great networking group.

One of the most important things to us when establishing Wanado Networking was creating a place where people would feel safe and supported – a place where you can be yourself, have meaningful conversations, and build strong relationships.

We really think that a networking group is only as good as the environment that it creates for its members. That’s why we make sure that everyone is respected and valued so they are comfortable to talk about their goals, passions and successes as well as their failures, worries, and concerns without the fear of judgement from others.

As with any group, you have to have faith that people in your group will be honest and reliable, and won’t take advantage of you or stab you in the back. This is one of the reasons why we operate on a strict ‘one business per profession’ policy to avoid competition or conflicts of interest and we only accept new members at the discretion of the group members.

There are lots of different networking groups out there which each serve a different purpose and suit different personalities and preferences. Our aim is to provide fantastic networking opportunities as well as the support needed to help you and your business.

Our meetings allow members to meet new faces and have open discussions around their business to learn from each other’s perspectives while receiving the support and advice they need to tackle challenges and grow their businesses. We strive to provide our members with the tools, resources, and connections they need to succeed and regularly facilitate a number of talks and activities from industry experts and local business owners to enable this.

No matter if you want to voice some feedback, have any concerns, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of running your own business, we are always on hand if you need help, advice, or just an ear to listen.

The purpose of Wanado Networking is to provide a safe, supportive, and positive platform that grows businesses and smiles! We want to create a place that can foster a sense of community, trust, and belonging through the connection between like-minded individuals who understand the struggles of juggling personal and professional life.

We know that a relaxed environment and happy atmosphere will lead to stronger relationships, more referrals, and more opportunities for each other. That’s why we actively advocate for mental health awareness and promote mutual respect within our groups: because when everyone feels valued, the network thrives.

When networking, members are encouraged to exchange ideas, ask questions, and share experiences, but there is absolutely no tolerance for bad attitudes or disrespectful behaviour, which is something we’re committed to maintaining at all times.

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